ro haber

in development


- Narrative feature. Supported by the Sundance Institute. Being produced by Seaview.

Writer/Director: Ro Haber

When horror-obsessed technologist Maya wins a fellowship at MIT, the culture of tech-bro bullying inspires her to create – a gothy Artificially Intelligent It-Girl who shares her dark stories on Instagram. But when men start dying in the scenarios from’s stories, Maya has to figure out who is killing them. Obsessive fan? Lab rival? Something supernatural? Or herself? 

Since I Laid My Burden Down - Narrative feature, 2021 SFFILM Rainin Grant Winner. Adapted from Brontez Purnell’s award-winning novel of the same name. In development.

Writer: Savannah Knoop, Brontez Purnell
Director: Ro Haber

Deshawn is living a little too much in post-Utopian Oakland. Bathhouses, brawls, and unexpected rectal exams have extended well beyond the excusable years of his twenties and and while all the gays around him seem to be settling into two kids and a golden retriever lives, or at least monogamy, Deshawn is still partying like it’s 1999.

But when his hair turns completely gray overnight and he is called home by a death in the family, Deshawn returns to his childhood home of Alabama for answers. He must confront the ghosts of his past, the dead men who seduced and failed him, and the firebrand women who made him in order to find peace, and finally lay his burden down. 

Handsome - Narrative feature, produced by Amasia Entertainment, executive produced by Silas Howard. Based on the YA novel by Jennie Wood, A Boy Like Me

Director: Ro Haber

Writer: Imogen Binnie

It's 1995 in Wiley, North Carolina and Peyton Honeycutt has his fair share of drama: the douchebag bully at his high school, his checked-out Dolly Parton-obsessed mom, and, Tara, the hottest thing in Wiley since… well, ever. When Tara arrives  in town, Peyton’s life is turned upside down as she sees something in him no one else has. Can he come to grips with being trans in a small-minded town in the South? Can he win his mother’s love? Will he get to be with Tara or will his fear of who he is push her away?


We Are Pat
- Documentary feature directed by Ro Haber. Produced by Caryn Capotosto and Ro Haber. Executive Produced by Lauren Greenfield, Girl Culture Films, Caroline Libresco, and AGC.

We Are Pat is a feature doc using camp and humor to explore the evolution of gender identity through the lens of the iconic 90s SNL sketch It’s Pat.